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Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. The practice itself has been around since 1875 when Dr. Charles Michel used it to remove ingrown eyelashes. Throughout the years it has evolved to include not only traditional electrolysis but thermolysis and blend techniques.

The technique involves inserting a small stainless-steel needle filament into the hair follicle and delivering a small current. Depending on the type of treatment it will with cause an electrolytic reaction, a heat reaction or both.



This is the first method used and involves the insertion of a stainless-steel filament into the hair follicle.  With the introduction of direct current an Electrolytic reaction occurs causing the production of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) or Lye.  This is a caustic substance and subsequently destroys the surrounding tissue resulting in destruction of the nutritive supply to the hair follicle.  Although effective this method can be more time consuming depending on the epilator used resulting in less hairs treated in a session.



This technique combines both Galvanic and high frequency currents otherwise know as Thermolysis. The Lye (NaOH) that is produced during the Blend technique is estimated to be several times more caustic when compared to Galvanic technique alone, the Lye is also, through the aid of the Thermolysis technique diffused further into the surrounding structures due to the turbid like effect that is produced.  This yields a more effective treatment for all hair types, but particularly for coarse hair with curved follicles.  



This technique uses High Frequency current.  Like Galvanic technique a stainless-steel probe is inserted into the hair follicle, however unlike Galvanic, a high frequency current is delivered.  This produces a heat reaction which destroys the nutritive source to the hair.  Only a fraction of a  second is needed to treat a single hair which means more hairs can be treated in a session.  However it may not be as effective long term when comparing to the Blend Technique especially when treating coarse hair or hair with curved follicles.

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