“My goal is to provide my client(s) with the most effective treatment that will yield the best results.”

About Angela

Although I only joined the Electrology World in 2018 as a provider, I have 20 years experience in the Healthcare field as a Physiotherapist dealing with clients in the most sensitive, vulnerable and sterile environments. I have two university degrees in the Science field, am certified in Medical Acupuncture and have always had a passion for the healthcare field and for helping and healing people.

Despite having a successful career as a Physiotherapist, several challenges and changes in my personal family life caused me to reevaluate my priorities and commitment to family.  Having my own electrologist move away,  inspired me to start my own business. I have personally struggled with excessive hair growth and as such feel passionate about helping others.  

As it was in Physiotherapy, my goal is to provide my client with the most effective treatment that will yield the best results. I am constantly upgrading my training, equipment and techniques to provide the best for my clients.  Ongoing education is extremely important to me.  As it was in Physiotherapy and now in Electrology “my clients are my greatest teachers”

I look forward to helping as many people as possible regain their self confidence and to feel comfortable in their skin once again.

I am a member of the Canadian Organization of Professional Electrologists (C.O.P.E.) which encourages not only ongoing education, a high standard of care but also provides me with the latest happenings in the world of Electrology.