The decision to transition is not an easy or inexpensive one. I am quite sensitive to that fact and the commitment it takes. I’ve attended some presentations regarding Sexual Re-assignment Surgery (SRS) or otherwise known as Gender Affirming Surgery, and continue to learn as much as possible to help my clients who are on this journey.  

Sexual Reassignment Surgery

For Trans-male clients who are preparing for Phalloplasty Surgery, depending if you are grafting from the forearm or the thigh, it should be hair free to avoid hair growing in the canal formed for the urethra.
Some general things you need to know as a Trans-female when deciding to go ahead with Vaginoplasty surgery include:
Hair needs to be removed from: 
  • The entire penile shaft
  • The entire scrotum
  • 2″ wide strip along the perineum ending 1″ above the anus
*these areas should be hair free for at least a few months prior to surgery depending on your surgeon’s recommendations to avoid hair growth within the vaginal cavity.
For those Transgender clients who are not planning on having SRS, I offer electrolysis for face, chest, arms, back or most areas excluding mucosal membranes. 
Preparations are well underway to open the General Surgery Clinic at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), scheduled to one September 2019.  You will no longer have to travel to Montreal for SRS.  The two surgeons involved in the new program Dr. Genoway and Dr. Kavanagh.  New referrals need to be sent to the clinic.  You can get more information on the entire referral process on the Trans Care BC website