"This truly has been a lifechanger."

"Finally found something that works."

- Lisa M.

Honestly, I had just accepted that my excess facial and body hair was just my cross I must bear as part of my PCOS. For more than 30 years I had waxed, lasered, threaded, plucked, bleached and shaved trying to hide or avoid anyone seeing that I am different. Things that others may take for granted such as going camping, standing in the sunlight, a close hug with someone I care about, or heaven forbid an unexpected hospital stay terrified me. I always needed my tweezers and a razor everywhere I went to feel “ok”.

After a few treatments will Evolation Electrolysis and I can already see a big difference. I no longer need to race to the bathroom first thing in the morning before my children wake up! I can wait DAYS between shaving and standing in the sunlight no longer leaves me paranoid. I still have more treatments to go but Angela is very attentive, sensitive and knowledgeable about my PCOS and my difficulties dealing with it. She makes me feel comfortable, listens to my concerns, fully explains everything she is doing, and gives me realistic timelines.

After spending thousands of dollars on other treatments with no certainties, I am so happy to finally found something that works. If you commit the time and money to Electrolysis you will see long lasting results. This truly has been a life changer. Thank you Angela!

"Diligent, dedicated, knowledgeable."

- Shauna B.

I had the honour of training along side Angela and could not have been paired with a better person. Angela is kind, caring and instantly makes you feel comfortable. She is diligent, dedicated, knowledgeable. She has a passion for electrolysis and it shows. You cannot go wrong choosing Angela for your permanent hair removal needs.